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Plans and pricing

Unbound360 is priced to fit your school's budget, market and needs



For EVERY school
  • InDepth Data for every zip code associated with your school
  • A customized map of your school's student body
  • Class Capacity Manager
  • Unlimited seats/licenses for your school

Primary Schools


Everything in Starter, plus...
  • Market Share Analysis Tool
  • Competitor / Feeder School Data
  • Board Report Builder
  • Prospecting Capabilities...Find New Families (additional fee)

Secondary Schools


Everything in Starter, plus...
  • Market Share Analysis Tool
  • Enrollment Management Planner
  • Prospecting Capabilities...Find New Families (Additional Fee)

Platinum Services

Basic + $3000/Year

Everything, plus...
  • Dedicated Consulting On Your Project
  • On Campus Consulting Session with Unbound360 Team
  • Free Seat to Unbound360 Annual Conference
  • Custom Data Integration and Reporting

Custom pricing for custom solutions

Are you a diocesan leader looking to bring more than one school onto the platform? Or perhaps looking for a membership plan for your independent school association? Unbound360 is built to adapt to your needs. Let's look at a solution that will serve your needs at the best price possible. 

All plans include

Dedicated Account Teams. Custom Software. Industry Insight.

  • Uptime

    Our application is built for you to use on your terms. Your browser, your computer, your network. 

  • Integrations

    We can connect Unbound360 to your school's student information system, inquiry forms or admission software for ultimate efficiencies.

  • Security

    Your data is secured using industry standard encryption at rest. 

  • Always Updated

    Your access will always be up to date. We never charge extra for "the latest version" or an "upgraded version".

It's time for you to take control...

If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there. With Unbound360, you'll have visibility into your school's future, while keeping an eye on your competition.

Frequently asked questions

What we usually hear from interested schools

Do I have to be a data nerd?

NO! Unbound360 was built to provide your school unprecedented access to your market without having to be a computer scientist. In fact, we have users with zero computer background at all who love getting in and digging into the platform...because they LOVE to see the results.

Where is my data stored?

Your data is stored securely in a partitioned AWS Server. It's always backed up, always secure, and always available.

Where Do You Get the Data?

Unbound360 was built with the modern admission office in mind, while making things easy for schools without a "giant office". We have data partnerships with some of the biggest names out there, and we built the platform to make it easy for you to get what you need.

What schools use Unbound360?

Schools all over the USA trust Unbound360 with their School Intelligence needs. From California to Massachusetts to Florida (and everywhere in between), our clients include High Schools, K-8 Schools, Preschools and Boarding Schools (both large and small).

What does Unbound360 mean?

Simply put, there are typically two types of marketing: inbound (think blogs and social media) and outbound (radio and magazine advertising). We wanted to create something that stood above the traditional marketing set for schools, yet freed them up to make great decisions based on data. Hence, your school's marketing and enrollment growth opportunity is now Unbound. And, when you have the visibility into your market, we think you can see all sides and facets...which is 360 degrees.