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Democratizing Big Data for Schools

Built with you in mind

Your Market. Your School. Your Data.

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Get started quickly

With a few simple clicks, we will get you up and running and immersed in a world you didn't think was accessible for your school. It might take you months to pull together the research you'll have at your fingertips in an instant. 

Where do you stand?

For many schools, competition isn't just the other schools in the market that charge tuition, but the "free" public school down the street. With Unbound360, you'll not only know where you stand, but you'll know what the market looks like for the next 5-10 years, based on real enrollment data. 

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Where are your strengths?

Looking at hundreds of rows of a spreadsheet or a list of your current families doesn't give you any real insight into your market. By seeing them on a map, with real-time information on that family, you'll know who your "most committed" families are. More importantly, you can quickly gauge where to devote other resources. For instance, "Should we add a bus route" or "Can we get other families in this neighborhood to join" will be easy questions to answer simply with the click of a mouse. 

Take a look at some video....

Plus even more

There's nothing like it on the market

  • Easy Mapping

    Quick and easy visuals to see where your current families and prospective families are in the market place.

  • Your Local Market

    We have data on schools in every market in the US. Know what's happening with enrollment all around you, in real time.

  • Real-time Research

    With deep data analysis, you'll know where your prospects stand from a financial aid perspective, giving you better control of your budget.

  • Learning

    With videos and other training aids, we'll help you get up to speed and using the system it's fullest.

  • Charting

    Building board reports is a chore! Not anymore, as our tool will help you quickly and easily build out charts for easy visualization.

  • Available Anywhere

    No software to install, no "recent version" issues. If you have a browser, you have access to your data.

It's time to embrace the future...and we're here to help

Let's have a conversation about your school, your market, and how you can be more competitive when it comes to filling the seats with the right families...right now.