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How Do We Compete With Free?

The question facing every school that charges tuition...

Eat the bite at a time

You have to know your market to know how to compete with free.

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"A hidden gem..."

How many times have you had your school described this way? Or better yet, how often do you hear, "If we could just get the word out.."

it's not easy to compete with the free school down the street. Especially if their facilities are newer/nicer and they seem to have all of the resources that your school doesn't. 

That's ok. What makes your school special is what we are most concerned with. By understanding your school's Unique Selling Proposition, you can then target the local area public school students that would be the best fit for your campus. 

Focus on growth

Understanding your opportunities for growth is vital. If you know WHERE the students are, you can develop strategies to bring them to your campus and have them fall in love with your community. 

Strategically, you should be thinking about growing your market share in each zip code you have students...and then expanding into areas where you AREN'T represented. 

With Unbound360, you'll have insight into how to approach this problem, and tackle the challenge of the free school down the street. 

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Plus even more

More features than you can shake a stick at...

  • Easy Mapping

    Quick and easy visuals to see where your current families and prospective families are in the market place.

  • Your Local Market

    We have data on schools in every market in the US. Know what's happening with enrollment all around you, in real time.

  • Real-time Research

    With deep data analysis, you'll know where your prospects stand from a financial aid perspective, giving you better control of your budget.

  • Learning

    With videos and other training aids, we'll help you get up to speed and using the system it's fullest.

  • Charting

    Building board reports is a chore! Not anymore, as our tool will help you quickly and easily build out charts for easy visualization.

  • Available Anywhere

    No software to install, no "recent version" issues. If you have a browser, you have access to your data.

If you are a one person shop, or have more than 5 staffers, we can help...

The most important point of your work is to get families engaged so you can start a relationship with them. Our data combined with your institutional knowledge and love for your community will make a gigantic difference for your school. Connect with us to start a conversation.